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Services Include:

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 Meet Our Hinesville Staff

Office Manager: Bailey Stierlen

Office Assistant: Tara Fisher


Heather Daman, PT, DPT

University of Arkansas, 2010
Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Why did you choose PT as your profession?     I was first interested in physical therapy when in high school and spent time after school with a PT that helped all of our athletes. I realized it was something I would be good at and have a chance to help people improve themselves to increase their function.

Why WEST Rehab?     I loved the family environment that West creates. They truly care about their employees which allows us to better care for our patients.

Why should a patient choose you as their PT?     I am a kind, caring person but will be able to push people in a way that will show them what they are capable of especially if they were not confident in their own abilities.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?     I have played soccer since the age of 5. I love to get out and play and can’t wait until my son is old enough to begin so he can learn some amazing life lessons as I did.

Koby Hayes, PTA

South University, 2010
Associates of Science Degree in Physical Therapy Assisting

Koby HayesWhy did you choose Physical Therapy Assisting as your profession?  I chose physical therapy as my profession because I had a couple of sports related surgeries in high school and had to have PT.

Why WEST?  I actually went to the West Rehab location in Richmond Hill for my therapy.

Why should a patient choose you as their PTA?  I enjoy treating injuries of all types, but I really enjoy back and shoulder injuries due to the challenges they present.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself:  Yes, I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.


Amy Harkness, OT

Berry University, 1995
Degree in Occupational Therapy


Why did you choose Occupational Therapy as your profession?  I wanted to make a difference in  the lives of others.  I love to help people become independent or return to doing what they want to do.

Why WEST?  I believe in Brian and Becky West and they gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of  clients from infants to elderly.

Why should a patient choose you as their OT?  I have a diverse interest in populations.  I specialize in pediatrics with developmental delays as well as hand therapy for adults following surgery or having therapy to potentially avoid surgery.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself:  For fun I enjoy traveling and have been to nearly 15 different countries.  Most recently was a mission trip to Nicaragua with my middle daughter before she goes off to college.


 Nicole Sutton, OT

Tennessee State University, 2014
Masters of Occupational Therapy

Why did you choose OT as your profession? I always knew I wanted to be in a rehab profession and help others.  I enjoy the mix of physical and social/emotional components related to care that occupational therapy emphasizes.   While earning my bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders at the University of WI I discovered a new interest – occupational therapy.  It gave me “the best of both worlds” with cognitive and psychological components from speech therapy and physical and technical aspects of physical therapy.  I enjoy working with children and adults.  It’s a great mix.

Why WEST? West Rehab is a great environment with caring clinicians and a supportive staff.  They work hard to ensure we as clinicians are up to date on the latest research by providing opportunities for professional development.

Why should a patient choose me as their OT? I have experience treating children with developmental delays as well as adults with orthopedic injuries of their hand, elbow, and shoulder.  I enjoy the unique challenges that hand therapy patients give and I love how silly I get to be with the kiddos.

Interesting fact about me: I’m originally from Wisconsin.  Yes, I love cheese.  Yes, I LOVE the Packers/Badgers.

Carrie Ripp, PT, DPT

Sage College, 2009
Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Why did you choose PT as a profession? I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field but it wasn’t until after a go at pharmacy school that I realized I needed something more hands on and something with a more direct impact.  I love the personal connection I have with each of my patients and getting to not only be the coach to get them back to where they want to be but also their biggest cheerleader.  The reward of seeing someone get better and back to their normal life is an unbeatable feeling.

Why West Rehab? West was the first place I looked into when moving here from NY based on the recommendation of a friend.  I enjoyed working in their small little Rincon clinic as a new therapist getting the hang of being on my own in a family oriented company full of great therapists and support staff.  After four years I branched off to an adventure in home health but when the West’s notified me of an opening here in Hinesville I jumped at a chance to “come back home” and work for the family based, friendly company I started with.  This company provides that same environment for their patients and encourages not only their patients to get better but also their therapists to improve and grow.

Why should a patient choose you as a PT? I feel that I not only have the knowledge and education to help improve patient’s function, strength and motion but also the kind and compassionate personality that helps them enjoy the often difficult process to get there.  I treat all patient’s based on not just their diagnosis but their deficits and set goals that are patient driven.  I can set all the logical goals for a patient but I truly feel that they will never be reached unless it is where the patient sees themselves going forward and what they really want.

What is something interesting about you? I have lived in the Savannah area for the past 8 years.  My accent I’ve been told has slightly acclimated to that of a local but I will always be an upstate New Yorker at heart.  I love New England football, any form of baseball and travelling to new places when life allows.