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Skidaway Island Clinic

Currently routing these patients to our Eisenhower clinic. Please call 912-353-9378 for assistance on which location will best suit your treatment needs.







Services Include:

Physical Therapy

Dry Needling

Meet Our Skidaway Island Staff:

Erin Magaw, PT, MPT, CKTP, Cert. DN

Graduated from Medical College of Georgia in 2006

Why did you choose PT/OT/ST as your profession?   I actually became friends with our team physical therapist while playing collegiate soccer, who noticed that I always seemed to ask questions related to his field.  I had never thought about being a therapist, but after allowing me to shadow him in his clinic for a week or so I was hooked and knew that I found my career!

Certified:    Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree, KinesioTaping Practitioner, Dry Needling Practitioner

Why WEST Rehab?   I love that collectively the therapists at West have a wide range of knowledge and skills from which I can constantly learn.  I also like the comfort that comes with working for a local company that has solid roots in the community and encourages your professional growth.

Why should a patient choose you as their PT?    I am head over heels in love with my profession.  I genuinely want my patients to not only improve their quality of life, but leave with a positive and knowledgeable idea of exactly what physical therapy has to offer throughout their lives.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?    I’m also a local Crossfit coach and love incorporating some of the functional movements and mobility into my therapy treatments



Elizabeth Pennington, PTA

Graduated from South University – 2015

Why did you choose PT(A)/OT/ST as your profession?    I chose to become a PTA after seeing many friends as well as myself get injured while dancing in our performing arts high school. I’ve danced all my life and now with the knowledge I’ve gained from the PT field, I have a way to ensure that I will always be able, to not only keep myself dancing but also those who share a passion for it as much as I do.

Why WEST Rehab?  WEST rehab is well known for their positive atmosphere and patient care. I wanted to be a part of something that could make a difference.

Why should a patient choose you as their PTA?  Patient care is something very important to me. My favorite thing about becoming a therapist is creating the relationship only a patient and therapist could have. I will be there when you feel down and when you feel on top of the world. I will be your number one fan. Helping people is what I’m passionate about, and by being my patient you’re helping me do what I love.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?  I am a professional dancer with Savannah Ballet Theatre, you might have seen me in of our many productions such as the annual Nutcracker in Savannah performed at the Lucas Theatre. Dancing is my artistic outlet and first love, I owe everything I am to dance, becoming a PTA included.